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We are so incredibly grateful for what you did for us. We knew the time would come when Allie would pass, but we weren't prepared for how...
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Omaha Pet Memorial | Paws to Angels Omaha Nebraska

In Omaha: Pet Memorials, Cremations and Urns are what we do. 

My name is Cherie Fry, I am the owner / founder of Paws To Angels Pet Loss Center & Services, the FIRST & ONLYTotal End of Life Care service for pets and their families, the only end of life and pet death care resource center in the State of NE , in addition the only pet loss gift shop in the Omaha area. As a well recognized leader, I am subject matter expert on end of life and pet death-care for the city of Omaha and the State of NE. I am the ONLY Certified Pet Loss Professional (CPLP) in the State, Furthermore, I also am the only Certified Pet Loss Grief Companion(CPLGC), Lastly, I am the only Certified Cremation Specialist (CCS). As a pioneer in this profession I have made remarkable steps here in the Greater Omaha area, death and grief are starting to become more recognized. Veterinarians crematoriums and counselors are all taking notice. Defining my role as a Pet Loss Professional and the NEED for meaningful end of life and death care services is imperative.

I am a native of Omaha NE sharing my home with four furry kids, Emmie, Savanna, Doll, and Paws.

 Paws To Angels was founded in early 2010 and was born because of the death of my precious dog chadz editChadz(shades). I learned of the traditional death care process which meant Chadz would be put into a trash bag left to lay in her own urine & fecal matter, put into a freezer to wait a week or more for the crematory to pick her up, loaded on a truck route with 40 plus other pets to be cremated, while I walked out the door with only a leash and collar in hand with no options or support to mourn my loss alone in my home. . I was unprepared for the emotions that would overcome me as well as not knowing what my options would be to memorialize her.  It was then that I made a vow to change that for pet parents. When my Chadz died, it bothered me terribly because I didn't feel she was waste and she didn't deserved to be treated as such.  There were no options, no support and no education, I felt the entire process was cold. My veterinarian did a wonderful job during the euthanasia and supporting me during that time it was everything that followed, there had to be something to meet the demands of pet parents, two weeks after Chadz's death I began my business plan, I put my heart and soul into building a business out of my own pain.

In late winter of 2014 my precious baby girl Mollie passed away from heart disease and suffered an agonizing death. It was then that I felt people need to have someone available to help guide them in the last stages of life with our pets. Had I known what to look for; been guided on signs and symptoms I could have made her last few years as comfortable as possible with a peaceful death. In Home Pet Hospice, In Home Euthanasia, and Meaningful Death Care services allows me to walk your family through the end of life care as a family in your own home and offer you a warm and comfortable way of saying goodbye to your friend and family member.

 I see myself as a leader and not a follower. I didn't go out and copy what others were doing, thinking I could do it better. I created a different business born from my heart and knew what I wanted and also went out and spoke to other pet parents asked them all their concerns what they wanted to see changed and have in a death care center, so it was Paws To Angels was born.

The business practices at our company consist of being highly ethical practices as well as making sure that my entire team continues to learn through professional education in pet loss business practices.  After all, you, deserve only the best.  "The core of what I am, about is the human animal-bond, I'm going to continue to reach out to people to offer support. I'm going to continue to be forward thinking and to look at what I need to do to bring services, the support, and the education to pet parents and the veterinarian community and other pet industries in the community and be the commitment to pet parents to make sure the loss of their pet is handled in the way it should be."

Paws To Angels combines my love of animals with my deep desire to help people experience end of life care giving, death and grief in a more personal, respectful, and meaningful way. Many of us long for a more satisfying and fulfilling experience at the end of life, but no resources have been available to help explore the possibilities, especially with respect to our companion animals. My training, experiences and resources enable me to help guide and support you, your pet and your entire family through this experience.

Certified Pet Loss Professional - having successfully completed the required training classes in pet-related end of life and death care services

  • Care and proper handling of pets body's
  • Pet Celebration of Life Services/ Memorial Services
  • Visitations
  • Preplanning
  • Final Arrangements
  • Merchandising and sales
  • Needs and wants of pet parents today
  • Communication Skills
  • Professionalism & Ethics
  • Crematory practices
  • Cremations Standards and Ethics
  • Burial Standards and Ethics
  • Pet Loss Grief Companioning
  • Pet Loss Seminars
  • Pet Loss and Grief Speaking engagements
  • Creating the experience

Certified Pet Loss Grief Companion - , one of 16 charter professionals in the U.S. completing numerous hours of pet grief education training

  • Pet Parents in Grief
  • Children in Grief
  • Pets in Grief
  • Spirituality, Children and Death
  • Seniors in Grief
  • Disenfranchised Grief
  • Pet Loss Support Groups
  • Coping with the Holidays after Loss
  • Creating Meaningful Memories
  • Memorialization
  • Accidental Deaths
  • Euthanasia
  • Emotions of Euthanasia
  • Euthanasia Guidance & Support
  • Anticipatory Grief Support
  • Six Central Needs of Mourning
  • Intricacies of Pet Loss
  • Professional Standards in Cremation and Burial
  • Compassion Fatigue

Certified Cremations Specialist - completing training in both human and pet cremations, covering all aspects of crematory operation and maintenance through the International Cemetery, Crematory & Funeral Association (ICCFA), Cremation Association of North America (CANA) and Matthews Cremation

  • History
  • Cremation Today
  • Handling of Mortal Remains
  • Equipment Functions,
  • Operations, Procedures & Terminology
  • Crematory Law
  • Safety
  • Forms & Recordkeeping
  • EPA rules & regulations
  • Principles of combustion
  • Crematory practices
  • Cremations Standards and Ethics

Paws To Angels is a Member of International Cemetery, Crematory and Funeral Association (ICCFA), Pet Loss Professionals Alliance(PLPA), International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC) International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC), Angie's List, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce 

Omaha Pet Cremation Urns | Paws to Angels

As a Pet Loss Center, I offer pet parent's a level of service and comfort not experienced anywhere else in Omaha and surrounding communities. 

Honor them. Honor you. Pay tribute to those pets who've died and touched you. You will continue to travel on your grief journey - knowing forever your heart will be changed.

Omaha Dog and Cat Urns | Paws to Angels

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