Omah Pet Loss and Grief Center
I wish I had the words to fully express how grateful I am to have Paws to Angels and Cherie in my life. Going through just the idea of...
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BirdieCherie, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me so far! I will always take comfort in knowing that I did right by my faithful friend by bringing him to you! After Birdie died, I was hurting and the people involved in this process only made it worse. Thankfully I found you and once I got my little guy to you the healing process could start. The best way I can honor my friend is by making sure everyone else knows their options and knows about you. People need to know that they can say goodbye in a proper manner and honor their departed friend who gave them so much love. Looking back on what ALMOST happened saddens me. That would not have been right for someone who loved me so much. But I didnt know any alternatives. Now I do. And I will let everyone know. I thank you and Birdie thanks you!

I am so thankful that I found Cherie before it was too late! Throughout this entire process, no one has seemed to understand what I am going through-- until I found Cherie. I was not given all of my options at the time of my little guys passing. I felt like I was pressured into making a decision while I was an emotional wreck. Thankfully I was able to find Paws to Angels before it was too late. Knowing that my faithful companion is in Cherie's hands now has enabled the healing process to begin. I know he is being cared for with the utmost care and compassion by the best! Not only is Cherie there for him, but she has been there for me, too. I am making it a personal goal to let everyone I know who has a pet know about Paws to Angels in advance. I do not want anyone to go through what I have gone through the last few days. Thankfully, I can rest easier now knowing my little buddy is in the best hands. Even if you eventually decide to go another route, PLEASE call Cherie first!!! She will at least inform you of ALL your options and she will be there for you, too. I know once you call her, you will realize you made the right choice!