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We are so incredibly grateful for what you did for us. We knew the time would come when Allie would pass, but we weren't prepared for how...
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My name is Kathleen, and I would like to tell you about my experience with Paws to Angels.

JackAnyone who calls Paws to Angels and talks to Cherie after the death of their pet will always be so thankful that they called her.  My first phone call after our family pet, best friend, and family member was put down was eased by the care, kindness, and understanding that was so wonderfully and easily given by Cherie.  Cherie talked to me, and within the hour she was at our vet’s office and brought Jack to her facility.  She called me as soon as she had Jack and talked to my husband and me about how we were feeling and doing, and then checked in on us that evening right when I needed it! Cherie wanted to know all about Jack, and I was able to share my sweet memories about Jack with her.

Just like any family member, we were given the time (actually more time) to grieve, mourn, and think about and decide upon Jack’s final resting place.  Cherie sat down with us and thoroughly explained our options for Jack’s final resting place.  We had the time to think (we had never been through this before on our own), time to spend with our beautiful Jack, and time for our other pet, Pinky, to say good-bye to Jack.  Your other pets will grieve, too, for the lost one.

We decided to have a funeral service for Jack which we planned with Cherie. It was absolutely beautiful!  We had it at our home, and family, neighbors, and friends who knew and loved Jack over his 13 ½ years came.  It was a true celebration of Jack’s beautiful life!

Let me say, Cherie will take care of your beloved pet, you, and your entire family who loved your family pet. She is always there for you to help, care, and understand.  Cherie will take care of things that you had not even thought about.

Please call Paws to Angels in your time of need!  You and your beloved pet will be blessed by Cherie’s love, care, and knowledge!