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Cherie and the team at Paws to Angels are simply amazing. I knew from the minute I spoke with her on the phone she was going to care for my...
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maya-textPaws To Angels been working with Jackie of Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue and these are the comments she has stated being a benefit to her with the death of Maya who passed while in rescue:

The following items were important to me:

Private cremation was super important to us. I liked that I could be assured that the remains that were returned to me were actually that of Maya.

Fur clipping – I still carry it with me

Urn selection - There were a lot of really great options. We didn’t ultimately select an urn for Maya that is not the protocol for rescue, however during my pre-planning for Taysia, I was really excited to learn and meet with someone who could custom design a memory box out of solid walnut to my specifications.

Visitation – This has been something I find extremely beneficial and it surprised me. When Denali one of the dogs in rescue died one morning at the emergency vet, the foster (and to be adoptive) family was being rushed out since they were closing at 8 am. Their sons were not going to have the chance to say goodbye either. Having this service allowed them all to visit Denali and say a proper goodbye. I had only seen him in the hospital looking sick and awful. I appreciated seeing him brushed out and looking at peace.

A comfortable facility for pets: It’s quiet, peaceful and just a place for them. I like that. There’s no commotion of a clinic or other business going on.

Paws To Angels services assisted me with the cremation, memory items and preplanning… it has been great to have one service handling all my unique needs.

My experience was excellent and the value of services was far greater than the price I paid.