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Miss MollieFrom the first moment that Cherie met us outside and took Mollie into her arms, I knew we were in the right place. During our time of grief and the overwhelming pain in our hearts, Cherie asked us to tell her about Mollie, by talking and reminiscing about our sweet little Miss Mollie it took our minds off the grief and then all of a sudden we were laughing and smiling. Mollie was such a precious and unique dog.

The visitation helped us and our dog Maxie. This was the most important piece for me because it helped tremendously; we got to spend as much time with Mollie as we wanted. “Thank you very much Cherie.” Mollie looked so pretty and clean and peaceful. She looked just like she was sleeping and was positioned just like the way she sleeps at home. Now that is a memory I will always remember and cherish.

I can’t believe there aren’t more places like this; Cherie has a great thing going because our pets are our kids and they deserve the same respect and dignity that is given to us humans. This was Cherie’s calling in life and I thank God for her compassionate nature.

Finally a caring person that stepped up to the plate to make sure our loving pets get the care and proper treatment they so deserve and that person is Cherie Fry of Paws To Angels. Our dog Maxie is also a senior dog and when she crosses over the Rainbow Bridge and is reunited with Miss Mollie, we will sure visit Paws To Angels again. Thank You for a wonderful and uplifting experience.
-Annette & Mike