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I chose Paws To Angels because the care and attention given to Lucy was important to me. The following items were important to me: Fur...
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HomeSlider-paulanpup-1There are no perfect words to thank someone for ultimately saving your life. That’s what I feel Cherie did for me. My Boxer Felon who was my only child, my baby became very sick around Christmas and I knew then I was not prepared not only in losing my baby but who would help me when that time came. I have very supportive family and friends but no one to truly know how this would ultimately change my world. Until I found Cherie. I only spoke to her over the phone for 45 minutes and in that short amount of time I knew I had found an angel. An angel in every way of the word. She was there for me when I had to put my baby down, she gently took him in her arms and took him to Paws To Angels, she set him up beautifully in the chapel and allowed me time with him every day for a week and half, she stayed by his side throughout his cremation and rushed me his ashes back that same day so that I could bring him back home again, and finally, she has been there for me everyday ever since. I miss my baby everyday and one of the things I find comfort in is knowing the ending of his life was as precious in memory as the twelve years I got to have him in my life. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her for all that she has done for me. People like her are very rare. I can’t imagine what my other options would have been as there are none that can even compare to what she has to offer. If you are reading this as most people read testimonials to make a decision if something is what they are looking for, believe me, you are in the right place! Not only will you not regret choosing Cherie to help you on your journey but you will thank god for her every day after. Thank you Cherie, for truly saving me and for giving my baby all the love and respect that he so rightfully deserved.
All My love- Paula Coffee