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Joey Lyle  Hello Our Friends with Pets:

As many of you already know, a couple of weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our dog, Joey. As difficult as that has been, there were several blessings along the way that have helped us. One of these blessings was a discovery of services that we never knew existed. That is what I would like to share with you.

We learned of a business called, Paws to Angels. It is located here in Omaha and provides end of life care & services for pets.
One of my biggest worries with facing Joey's end of life was knowing we would most likely need to take Joey to our vet to be euthanized. Joey typically did not care for anything "medical." I did not want his last moments to be ones of anxiousness, and I certainly did not want him thinking we betrayed him in any way. We had a bit of that experience with our cat, Socks. Socks was in such pain, but his adrenalin kicked in once we were at the vet. I still remember the look of anger on his face when our vet walked into the room. His passing that way still breaks my heart today.

So, I was really struggling about what to do knowing we would need to make a decision sometime in the near future. I learned that Paws to Angels will do in-home euthanasia. For us, it was a godsend. Joey was in his home and was calm (except for the pain). For us, it was so much better than having to take him to our vet's clinic where he would have been very stressed.

We also took advantage of their complimentary "last moments". Basically, they have a small, beautiful "funeral home-like" room where you can come and privately see your pet one last time. At first for some of you, this may sound a little over-board, but here is why it worked for our family.

On Monday before we knew Joey's kidneys were failing, Rebecca had happened to ask me if we would have a funeral for him when he died. We have had 4 extended family members pass away over the last two years, and the girls have learned what funerals are and the ceremonies surrounding them. They also understand that while our souls go to heaven, the resting place for our bodies is different.

So when Rebecca asked me her question, I didn't know what to say. Then she wanted to know what would be done with his body. I struggled with how to explain to her what happens because the only experience I knew was taking your frightened animal to the vet then leaving their body there to be taken to the Humane Society. How do I tell this to my young, tender-hearted daughter?

This was gnawing at me over the next couple of days as we learned on Tuesday just how bad Joey was. I kept asking myself how do I teach my children that death is part of life and we respect the passing of others by celebrating their lives, but then do nothing for our animals that are just as much our family members. Fortunately, our vet happened to mention Paws to Angels.

Joey declined very quickly on that Tuesday, and by the end of the day a decision was made to put him to sleep the next day.
Paws to Angels provided the services we needed to euthanize Joey at home where he was the most comfortable. (The girls were not home for that part.) Cherie, the owner of Paws to Angels, is an incredibly kind, comforting, and caring person. She has an amazing heart and is passionate about her mission to respect our animals and honor them. Her comforting, unrushed manner was so appreciated at that time.

Cherie's cremation services also differ from other businesses. She handles each animal privately and incorporates meaning and respect into each step. Although much of it is "behind the scenes", I appreciate and agree with her regard for each life – whether it be human or animal.

On Friday morning, we took the girls to Paws to Angels to see Joey and say a last goodbye. As hard as that was, it all seemed so right. One last time to see his body at rest – so peaceful and not in pain. I believe this kind of treatment for our Joe provided the respect for our furry family member and was the most gentle way to go through a sad, sad time. We petted and hugged him, laughed and cried as we talked about what an incredible dog he was.

We visited for quite a while with Cherie. Cherie's manner is so gentle, and the girls felt very comfortable asking her questions and telling her about Joey. It was a very difficult, but special time for our family to celebrate our dear, dear, sweet Joey dog.

As mentioned, I did not know these kinds of services were available. It was such a blessing for our family that I want to spread the word. I hope this information can help someone in the future make the passing of your beloved pet a little easier.

Laura L.

Please feel free to share with others who you know may appreciate knowing about Paws to Angels.