Omah Pet Loss and Grief Center
I want to give a huge shout out to Cherie Fry from a locally owned business...PAWS TO ANGELS...anyone who owns a pet needs to visit her...
Call (402) 507-0585

Schultz Rosenau editedCherie and the team at Paws to Angels are simply amazing. I knew from the minute I spoke with her on the phone she was going to care for my Schultz after death in a way that showed him respect and love and provided me with the peace I needed to know where he was. She made me feel more at ease with the difficult decision I had to make. Cherie provided valuable information to me about what to expect with Schultz's sister and what to do to care for her as we both experience the emptiness in our house.

So many people don't consider how much someone grieves the loss of a pet. It seems like the world expects you to just say goodbye one day and then pop into normalcy the next. Cherie understood that as a single person, the bond I have with my dogs is intense and may not be fully understood by others. She anticipated my needs and checked on me when others had moved on. The visitation with Schultz was not something I expected to need, but I am so happy I chose to do that for a few days. It helped provide me more time to process my loss. She gave me a safe place to come and express my hurt and let the healing begin. I feel so good about the way Schultz left this world because of my experience with Paws to Angels. Cherie's devotion to caring for the pets we lose and is a gift from God. She was called to carry out this service to us and is an amazing person.

D. Rosenau