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Careers in End of Life and Death Care for pets is a hugely growing field across the nation and abroad. Paws To Angels is honored to be pioneering these services here in the state of NE. Taking our love and passion for pets, wanting to help provide care and giving to the pets in their end of life and in death the Love, Respect and Dignity they deserve. But wait… with us it is not just about the pets, the families care is just as important.

Careers at Paws To Angels Pet Loss Center

Part Time and On Call Veterinarian

On call veterinarian needed to start right away. For the fast-growing services in End of Life Care in the field of Animal Palliative Care, Pet Hospice, and In-Home Euthanasia. Paws To Angels is honored to be pioneering and leading these wonderful services to the families and our community. We pride ourselves on helping these amazing pet parents through the phone call, through the loss of their pet, and through the healing process.

Palliative Care and Pet Hospice is a family-centered, medically supervised, and team-oriented service dedicated to maintaining comfort and quality of life for the terminally ill or geriatric pet until natural death occurs or the family elect’s euthanasia. Modeled originally from human hospice, this specific type of veterinary care is focused on the comfort of the pet, not at finding a cure for his or her disease. It is important to note that veterinary hospice does not include any diagnostic or blood-work services. Our goal is to focus on comfort and maintaining the human animal bond.

In Home Euthanasia what we believe is one the "Final Acts of Love" done quietly in tranquil serene and the private area of the family's home where we handle things during this incredibly difficult time at the families pace and in the way they want and in a way that is going to be good for them and their whole family. Twostep process of calming sedation and then the final dose.

Job requirements:

  • Must be compassionate, sympathetic, empathetic, and non-judgmental
  • We are almost always on the ground with a large dog or kneeling in front of the small dog or cat sitting on the owner’s lap. Additionally, assisting clients with the aftercare of their pet is essential in this type of our service. This requires lifting pets into a pet casket and carrying the casket to our car.
  • While it greatly depends on where the appointments are scheduled, plan on many last minute or emergency calls. The nature of house call services will require extensive driving.
  • Must provide medicine and supplies.
  • Well compensated (This position could become full time, even a possibility of becoming a partner for the right person.)
  • Communicating with the Field Care Team to ensure timely and accurate pickups. 
  • Being responsive to the veterinary partners in their daily needs of assisting families
  • Able to handle multiple tasks at one time, to include phone service, personal service to customers internally, clear, and concise written and verbal communication to internal and external team members. 
  • Ensure that each veterinary partner receives exemplary customer service through courteous phone skills, handling of the requests, and problem-solving. 
  • Clear communication via written and oral skills. 
  • Prompt handling of needs from the pet care professionals to families
  • Assurance that families receive outstanding service by providing a quiet, reflective, and friendly environment which includes greeting and acknowledging every family, maintaining outstanding standards, and all other components of Guest Service. 
  • Communicate with the Center team on the detailed needs and requests from a family in honoring their pet. 
  • Implement and maintain family services standards as set by Paws To Angels Pet Loss Center. 
  • Assure proper completion through follow-up with each family and veterinary clinic. 
  • Maintain adherence to all Company policies and procedures. 
  • Any other duties as assigned by Owner. 
  • Ability to communicate with associates and guests. 
  • Ability to read, count, and write to accurately complete all documentation. 
  • Ability to freely access all areas of the store including selling floor, stock area and register area. 
  • Ability to operate and use all equipment necessary to run a store. 
  • Ability to work varied hours/days as business dictates. 
  • The ability to lift at least 50 lbs. 
  • Will help remove the pets body from the home in a casket

I am seeking someone who is highly motivated to help services continue to grow. Someone who is interested in spending some time researching and educating themselves. Most importantly a deep love for animals and empathetic with the grieving hearts.

Knowledge in advertising, marketing and good computer skills a plus.