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I want to give a huge shout out to Cherie Fry from a locally owned business...PAWS TO ANGELS...anyone who owns a pet needs to visit her...
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As company or organization, many times you are at a loss for resources to help a grieving heart.  Resources that can be tailored to the many facets of a grieving family and their individual journeys through the death of a beloved pet. Looking for a professional to speak to your employees, college classes, or associations in the area of pet loss and grief. Answering to a different aspect of a family and their unique needs in understanding the emotions of the loss of their pet.  Therefore, when the death of a pet affects a family, having the information and knowledge on how to truly guide them through the final arrangements and grief journey is imperative. You will certainly want the skills necessary to provide the comfort and care needed to each member. Your families and friends will thank you for helping them through a very dark time.

Cherie Fry has worked with a countless number of families who have experienced the death of a pet - bringing that wealth of knowledge and experience to the educational and training resources she´s making available.   In 2009, as a pet parent, facing the death of her pet was a defining moment for Cherie Fry.  It was the beginning of her vision of how to best meet the needs of pet parents in their desire to mourn, memorialize and pay tribute to their beloved pets when they die.  The experience of the death of her dog, Chadz, (pronounced shades) guided her in starting Paws To Angels Pet Loss Center & Services, Nebraska’s first and only stand-alone pets-only funeral home.  In 2012, Cherie opened the doors to Paws To Angels Pet Loss Center to guide people who face the death of their pets and who suffer loss with meaningful pet death care services in their community, as well to be an educational resource in pet grief discipline.  Cherie is a Certified Pet Loss Professional, a Certified Pet Loss Grief Companion, Certified Cremations Specialist and a Pet and Animal Chaplain.  Cherie is the only individual in the state of Nebraska with this sort of educational background and certifications. Cherie is a native of Nebraska; she shares her home in Omaha with her four four-legged children, Mollie, Emmie Savanna and Paws.          

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Veterinarians who truly care for the needs of their families and not the best interest of the clinic make referrals and recommendations to us or have our link on their website. We Thank them for the compassionate care they give to families when the refer a friend. 

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The following Pet Services, Rescues and Businesses believe as we do  "Information should be easy for a pet parent to find"  We have shared information to each others sites, working together for the care of the pet and the family.

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