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Grieving is noGriefrmal when a loss has occurred. Grief is a journey we take, which is a personal process. When we grieve, we rarely know what to expect, because each time we do it the grief is different. Grief is a mixture of emotions. These emotions will appear in different combinations what you may feel is sadness, guilt, anger, emptiness, confusion, and numbness. Know that crying is OK, let the tears flow. Crying is a natural outlet of grief. You need to feel comfortable in expressing yourself where ever you are. Never apologize for you tears or grief. Honoring and validating your feelings is the first step in healing. Your level of attachment and closeness to the loved one is the key. Whether it is a person or an animal, it is the kind of relationship you shared with the loved one that will determine how intensely you grieve.

Paws To Angels is a caring, safe, place for a grieving pet owner. We recognize how intense your grief can be, and have created multiple services to help grieving pet owners beyond just body care. We demonstrate this caring by offering pet loss support resources. Pets offer us a type of unconditional love that is difficult to find in our human relationships. Many people describe this type of love as pure and constant. Pets do not care about how much money we make, or our appearance, and accept us despite our faults. They simply love unconditionally and accept us for who we are. Given this profound type of relationship, it is perfectly normal to grieve over the loss of a beloved pet.

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Our Support Group meets the 1st and 3rd Monday evening of every month. 6-7pm, at 11718 W. Dodge Rd. Please call for further information.

Support Group for Children meets every other month. Please see calendar for dates and times or call for further information 402-507-0585.

In short, as group members give and receive help, they feel less helpless and are able to discover continued meaning in life. Feeling understood by others brings down barriers between the bereaved person and the world outside. This process of being understood is central to being compassionate with oneself as a bereaved person.

Support groups help bereaved people by:

  • Countering the sense of isolation that many experience in pet loss
  • Providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.
  • Encouraging members to not only receive support and understanding for themselves but also to provide the same to others.
  • Helping them trust their fellow human beings again in what for many in grief feels like an unsafe, uncaring world.
  • Providing a supportive environment